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Small hobby breeder specialising in Indian Runner Ducks. Based near Cambridge, selling Eggs (hatching and eating), Day old unsexed Ducklings, Young and Adult birds.

Indian Runner Ducks

Indian Runner ducks are extremely comical with lots of character. They stand upright and literally run rather than waddle! Sometimes they are referred to as a wine bottle on legs. 

Indian Runners make fantastic pets and are great fun to have in the garden.

They help to clear the vegetable patch eating all the slugs, snails and bugs.

They don’t tend to make as much mess as chickens as they do not scratch about  and do not need a pond. They just need water deep enough to get their heads under. If a pond is available they do like a good splash about.

They need an area of ground to dib in, and a secure house come night time.

This breed is usually a good layer, with an average of 150-200 eggs per year. 

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We can also post hatching eggs.

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